Terms and Conditions

The small print...

Prices are based on 2 adults sharing one room. Please telephone or email if you anticipate late arrival to ensure that your room is held. Rooms are available for check in from 3pm and need to be vacated on departure date by 10.30am.

A non-refundable deposit of £20 per person is required with each booking, this can be paid by cheque or credit/debit card and the full balance is paid on departure.

If you cancel your booking less than 7 days before the holiday commencement date the outstanding balance of the total stay will be payable. We may be able to refund part of the booking if the room is re-let. The deposit can be transferable to a booking for another date if available. In the event of non arrival you will be liable for the outstanding balance of your total booking, this will not be transferable.

The balance due on departure along with any other additional items charged for during your stay can be paid either by credit/debit card, cash or cheque. If paying your balance on departure by cheque this must be supported by a bank cheque guarantee card. Please note there is a 2% surcharge on all credit card payments except American Express and Diners Club which have a 4% surcharge on all purchases., there is no charge for Debit Card payments. Guests are respectfully asked to treat all property with respect. We reserve the right to charge clients for any damage which they cause whilst at Mellstock House.

If making a group booking to hire the whole venue it must be a minimum of 6 people during low season and 10 people in high season and children can only be accommodated if the party are the only guests for the duration of their stay. Please contact us for full details of party bookings. A full list of terms and conditions are available on request.

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